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Capturing Screenshot on Windows Platform

Screenshot – Screenshots are the useful way to document and share what’s present on any particular screen. Screenshot is an image captured of whatever is on the screen. Microsoft Windows has offered Operating System which let user to do lot of things. Machines loaded with windows platform are used for various purposes on daily basis.

Here in this post we will go through the simple steps in capturing screenshots on various windows platforms ( Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and vista ).
How to create/capture screenshots in Windows 10.

There are various ways of taking screenshots in Windows 10, which are elaborated below.

A. Capturing screenshot of the whole screen-

Capturing screenshot has never been tough if user know the basis. If user want to take screenshot of whole screen, User need to prepare the screen and then press the print screen (prt sc) button on the keyboard. After pressing the button, the screenshot is stored in the clipboard and is needed to be pasted on any graphics editor software(Paint) to become visible.

Open PAINT – To open paint, which comes already installed in all operating system, type Paint in the search bar.
Select Paint from the menu.

After selecting Paint, the application opens, and user need to just click on paste or press Ctrl+V.

Now the captured screenshot get pasted, and can be saved thereafter at any desired location in the system. The Screenshot is ready.

B. Taking Screenshot of the specific part of the screen.

Snipping tool is used from long time in Windows. It is used to take screenshot in any particular frame.

In the Start menu type snipping tool in the search box.
Click on the snipping tool icon which appears in the menu.

Snipping tool window opens, reflecting three options – New, Cancel and Options.
Click on the new to take the screenshot.

Drag the cursor around the area needed to be captured as screenshot.
The selected image will open in the new window, scroll down and click on the save. If you want to email the screenshot, click on the next available option Send.

C. If User want to capture screenshot of the active window.

Its simple to take screenshot of the active window on users screen. It involves the following process-

Press alt+Print screen together at the same time. Doing this the screenshot is captured and stored in the clipboard.

Type paint in the search bar to open it.
When Paint is open paste the image and the image of the active window is captured and ready.

How to create and capture screenshot in Windows 8.

Taking screenshot in Window 8 is very much similar to Windows 10. Best and simple way to capture screenshot in Windows 8 is:

Prepare the screen and press the print screen button on the keyboard.
Such for the installed graphics editor such as Paint, in the search bar. And open Paint. by clicking on the icon.

Click paste to save the screenshot. and the screenshot is ready.

There is also a method to automatically save screenshot in Windows 8. For this the user have to set up the screen to be captured and then hold Window key and print screen together , the screenshot is automatically saved in the pictures folder in the library.

How to create and capture screenshot in Windows 7 and Vista.

It involves simple and similar steps for capturing the screenshot but the interface of Windows 7 is different from Windows 8 and 10 platform.

Set up the screen to be captured and locate the print screen button on the keyboard.
Press the print screen, which store the screenshot on the clipboard.
Search for Paint from the Start menu, for this Go to All programs -> accessories -> Paint.

This will open the Paint Window and then click the paste button at the top of the screen or just press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot. The screenshot is ready and can be saved at any location in the system.

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